-Partnership between ENS Ulm, Sorbonne-Paris 4, Paris-Diderot-Paris 7, Queen Mary  University): The London-Paris Romanticism Seminar (

2016-2017 Programme
Following its successful launch in October, the next meeting of the London-Paris Romanticism Seminar will take place on Friday 10 February 2017 in the Bloomsbury Room (G35) in Senate House, University of London, starting at 5.30. As our guest speaker, we are delighted to welcome Lynda Pratt, Professor of Modern Literature at the University of Nottingham, who will present a paper entitled Romanticism and the Culture of Non-Publication. This will be followed by a discussion and a wine reception, to which all are invited. Admission is free.

This event is open to everyone, including postgraduates and members of the public. Admission is free.



European Romanticisms in Association (ERA)

In 2016 the cosmopolitanism of the European project is under challenge from diverse and resurgent nationalisms. It therefore seems especially timely to look again at the paradoxical history and expression of Romantic nationalism as it emerged from the enlightenment. Emerging sometime around 1780 and spreading unevenly across Europe for the next century, Romanticism is invested in the local and yet is pan-European as a phenomenon.

ERA aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum to facilitate productive dialogue on the diverse forms of Romanticism across Europe. It is a pan-European organization, bringing together researchers, associations and institutions such as libraries, museums, and galleries in both real and virtual spaces.

It will promote a series of annual interdisciplinary ERA-branded events (in the first instance for five years), distinguished by targeted collaboration between academic institutions and libraries, museums, galleries, theatres, and groups with an interest in Romantic cultures. The intention is to develop a new, distinctive, collaborative, and inclusive model of interaction and collaboration between these organizations, diversifying from the current conference-models of existing individual scholarly associations.

Each event will be developed by a lead academic institution in collaboration with cultural institutions beyond academia. Events will be themed, and will feature at least one session on ‘European Romanticism’; a workshop devoted to exploring and explaining ‘local’ Romanticism; and the involvement and development of early career researchers. Events will adopt multiple formats as appropriate, on occasion developing satellite events and exhibitions across different locations in Europe.

Events as presently planned aim to explore the north, south, east and west of Romanticism in Europe. Locations include:

2017 Chawton & Oxford (UK)

2018 Bologna (Italy)

2019 Budapest (Hungary) & Paris (France)

2020 Ravenna (Italy), Cadiz (Spain), & Porto (Portugal)

2021 Frankfurt (Germany)

Projected themes include anniversaries, house-museums, the European gothic, transnational poetic form, revolutions, and translations.

ERA will also be developing an online research project, Romantic Europe: The Virtual Exhibition (RÊVE). Launching summer 2017, addressing both an academic and general audience, this will be an interdisciplinary project showcasing and sharing Romantic texts, objects, and places through collaboration between academic researchers, museums, galleries and other cultural groupings.

[SERA] is a partner in this initiative. To register interest in being involved or kept up to date with ERA projects and events, please contact [Caroline BERTONÈCHE] to add your name to the ERA mailbase.